Hello, my name is Rowena Lindsay.

I am a science and tech writer with experience in daily news reporting, editing and communications as well as video and radio production. I am passionate about crafting compelling stories and communicating clearly with a wide audience. I begrudgingly love the pressure of a deadline and unabashedly love learning new things. My journalism is motivated by a lifelong interest in education as a way to empower people to make informed decisions in all aspects of their lives.

I graduated from Northeastern University School of Journalism. My writing has appeared in MIT News, TechTarget, The Christian Science Monitor, WGBH, The Huntington News and a variety of Boston-area newspapers. I am currently working as a script writer for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a department of defense research and development laboratory.

In my non-professional life, I play tennis, hike and go to bar trivia and concerts with my friends. I love travel and travel photography. I read a lot. I care deeply about environmental justice and intersectional feminism, particularly they relate to mental and physical health. I frequently tell myself that I am going to start writing for fun and have never ever followed through.

Get in touch!

Email: rowenajlindsay@gmail.com
Twitter: @rowena__lindsay